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Gold lion King Ceramics was founded in 1999. It is a Vice President unit of China Building and Sanitary Ceramics Association, and the shareholder unit of China Ceramics Investment Development Co., Ltd. jointly founded by 20 powerful manufacturing and circulation enterprises in the ceramic industry in China. The core brand Goldlion King Ceramics under the Company has won honorary titles of the Best Product of the Year in the new list of ceramic industry, "Top Ten Brands of Chinese Rustic Tiles"...

About Us

◆ Enterprise vision: To be an enterprise that makes its partners, customers and employees all satisfied

◆ Enterprise mission: To create profits for customers, bring benefits to employees, and be responsible for the society

◆ Enterprise tenet: To create an enterprise with the sense of safety for employees, create an enterprise with the sense of dependence for customers, create an enterprise with reputation for the society, and advocate the concept of happy work and happy life.



Brand Culture

Focus on bricks

Gold lion King Ceramics  believes that the more professional it is, the more value it can create for customers. Under the guidance of this core value, we will always adhere to the original design concept of "learning from nature, learning from nature", adhere to mix and match and cross-border, use the core product platform as a strong support for brand development, and work with partners to create the best A valuable professional brand of "original tiles".

Gold lion King Ceramics