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 Goldlion King Ceramics

Goldlion King Ceramics was founded in 1999. It is a Vice President unit of China Building and Sanitary Ceramics Association, and the shareholder unit of China Ceramics Investment Development Co., Ltd. jointly founded by 20 powerful manufacturing and circulation enterprises in the ceramic industry in China. The core brand Goldlion King Ceramics under the Company has won honorary titles of the Best Product of the Year in the new list of ceramic industry, "Top Ten Brands of Chinese Rustic Tiles", "Top Ten Brands of Chinese Marbles", and "Model Craftsman" in successive years with its advantages of independent innovation and high quality, and won the Gold Medal in the first "Award for Ceramic Design in Italy and China", and other honors of the industry.

Since its foundation, Goldlion King Ceramics has always adhered to innovative characteristics, and invited the quality management team from Italy as early as in 2000, to conduct special training guidance. Through constant learning and practicing, it has gradually established its own quality management team; through continuously studying domestic and overseas experience, and cooperating with all major R&D institutes all over the world, it has summarized its own core technology of ceramic tiles, and formed a product R&D concept that integrates practicability, artistry, functionality, and customization, so as to achieve the ultimate of the product. We practice the "craftsmanship spirit" with our innovative characteristics.

Goldlion King Ceramics has founded "China Ceramic Tile Art Research Institute" and "China Building and Sanitary Ceramics Industry Anti-Slip Brick Research Center" in succession, achieving more advantages in the R&D and promotion in aspects of artistry, functionality, etc. of Goldlion King tiles. This has greatly promoted the integration of ceramic tiles with people's living quality and cultural taste, so that the tiles are not only pure decorative materials, but exquisite artworks, and are closely related to people's lives.

Focusing on the realization of the dreamed living space of people, Goldlion King Ceramics carries out product R&D, so that the ceramic tiles used in each space have a unique style. The eight advantages of wear resistance, strength, antifouling, skid resistance, antibiosis, furnace transmutation, artistry, and customization make the ceramic tiles more relevant to life and with higher added value.

While insisting on the construction of exclusive shops and dealer services, in combination with the market trends, Goldlion King Ceramics has carried out cooperation with major art colleges, design institutes, designers, real estate development enterprises, and home decoration service providers in a comprehensive manner, and set out to set up branches in major provinces and cities, to perform a strategic layout of market from the perspective of development, and to quickly implement it. By doing so, the market share has increased year by year and the enterprise has entered the fast lane of development!